Feb 5, 2013

Jason Hoppy vs. Bethenny's Closet: Who Will Win?

The latest chapter of  Jason Hoppy and Bethenny Frankel's divorce proceedings should be titled: Bethenny's closet vs. Jason Hoppy.

As we know, Bethenny and Jason have each asked for sole 'custody' of the couple's exclusive TriBeCa neighborhood apartment. According to Radar Online, Jason has plans to dismantle Bethenny's
huge walk-in closet and turn it into a 'man-cave' should he win the apartment in their divorce.

'Jason thinks the closest is just ridiculous,'  sources tell Radar. 'When they were still together, Jason once accused Bethenny of loving the closet more than him. She is obsessed with material objects... Jason has vowed to immediately tear down that damn closet and turn it into a man cave if he is given the apartment as part of the divorce settlement.'

“Right now, Jason doesn't have a single space in the apartment that is his. Bethenny has her SkinnyGirl offices set up there and she spends a great deal of time in her beloved closet. She calls it her perfect hideaway where she can spend hours at a time staring at her racks and racks of designer handbags and shoes.”

You can see pictures of Bethenny's closet, as well as more pictures of the soon-to-be-exes' home, in Traditional Homes Magazine - which featured the luxury 3400 square foot New York apartment in the magazine's Feb./March issue.

The former Real Housewives of New York City star told Traditional Homes that the den-turned-dream closet was one of her favorite rooms in her home.

'I wanted a closet like this my whole life, and finally, I don't have to shove things under the bed,' said Frankel at the time.

However, Hoppy's plans do not include backing down from his original request for sole use of the couple's residence - so Bethenny may have to fight for her beloved closet.

"Jason dealt with all of the contractors and was responsible for the extensive renovations that were done before they finally moved in last year,” reports Radar. “He isn’t just going to walk away from that apartment.”

Photo: Jackson Lee/Splash

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