Sep 16, 2012

Does Kate Gosselin's Latest Twit Pic Bother You?

Kate Goseelin is getting quite the backlash after tweeting a picture of her 11 year old daughter, Mady, trying on a pair of her mother's high heels.

Kate's Tweet:

  "hafta make u guess who just HAD to try on my heels that I just unpacked from my bag tonight... Starts w an 'M."

Spurred comments from some of her 100,000 followers like this one: 

"What Mom would showcase her 11 yr old's legs to 100,000 Twitter followers with all the pedophiles out there, wearing Mom's high heels!"

Have you seen the picture? 

(See it here if you haven't.)

Does this irk you, or do you find it harmless??

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