Mar 9, 2012

Bethenny Frankel Talks Fame, Money and Lack of Respect

"The most difficult thing in my journey is the way that people have reacted to my making money."

So says Bethenny Frankel in a new interview with Forbes Magazine. The Bethenny Ever After star reveals that her new fame and wealth has caused the people around her to change – for the worse.

Money brings out a really vicious side in other people. It surprises me because you always think about people making money and it changing them, you never think about it changing everyone else.
Fame isn’t the thing that changed the people around me, but money is. People look at you differently. People make up stories about you. People speculate about what you have and what you’ve done and really try and tear you down. 
I had no idea that would be the case. And I think it’s really despicable.It’s not like I sat at home and shook a money tree.

Bethenny, who suffered a miscarriage last month,  also shares that she has given up a lot to make it in business, particularly that she wants a second child and may not be able to conceive because of her age.

I’m faced with the fact that I’m 41 and I may not be able to have more children and that feels like a sacrifice.

You can watch all of  Bethenny's Forbe's Interview Here

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