Feb 3, 2012

Gabriel Aubry Scores Big Win in Custody Battle with Halle Berry

Gabriel Aubry, Halle Berry's ex-boyfriend and the father of  her three-year-old daughter, Nahla, scored a big win this week in the couple's ongoing custody battle.

Radar Online reports that social workers recommended that no changes be made in the current custody agreement between Berry and Aubry, and the judge appears likely to concur and not grant Berry's request for a restraining order and/or monitored visitation.

“Halle and Gabriel essentially have joint custody of Nahla. DCFS found absolutely no basis to the claims that Gabriel physically assaulted the nanny, or has ever physically abused Nahla.
 “There was nothing found to substantiate the nanny's claims, and social workers felt that a restraining order that Halle was seeking wasn't necessary, and would actually harm Nahla by keeping her from her father."

This has to be welcome news to Aubry, who has been accused of pushing Nahla's nanny while Nahla was in her arms - claims the Canadian model has denied.

The Los Angeles Department of Child and Family Services further recommended in their report that Halle and Gabriel attend parenting classes together, so that they can co-parent Nahla.

And more good news for Nahla's daddy:  “Gabriel Aubry is unlikely to be charged with any crime in relation to the police report the nanny filed," a law enforcement source has revealed to Radar Online.


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