Jan 8, 2012

Daddy And Me Time: Hugh Jackman Takes Daughter Ava To School

Hugh Jackman escorted his adorable six-year-old-daughter Ava to school Friday (Jan. 6) along with the family's pet French Bulldog, Peaches.

The trio were bundled up in warm jackets as they walked to Ava's school, where she attends first grade.

Ava had the advantage of a cute pink scooter to ride, while dad had dog-walking duties. It looks like the trio had fun - even playing tag along the way.

Jackman, who has recently finished his one man show on Broadway, is enjoying spending some quality daddy and me time with his daughter before he begins his next project. It has recently been reported that the actor is headed back to Broadway as Harry Houdini in an upcoming musical about the famous magician.


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