Oct 9, 2011

Due Date: Spencer Grammer is Due Now!

Spencer Grammer's due date was Saturday October 8 (yesterday!) The 27 year old daughter of actor Kelsey Grammer believes she will be delivering her first baby a little late - about a week after her due date, to be more exact.

 The mom-to-be spoke with US Magazine, and shared her thoughts on due dates and nurseries-

"I think it's going to be a week later," she said of her baby's birth. "A lot of women don't deliver on their delivery date. A lot of people I know this year delivered early, so a 40 week [pregnancy] is never really 40 weeks!"
And as for the baby's nursery-
"We painted [the nursery] months ago so there are no toxins and stuff and we have toys and a co-sleeper," the first-time mom-to-be explained. "We kind of were like, 'we'll just do one phase at a time.' He'll need a crib in a few more months." 

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