Sep 1, 2011

October Due Dates: Ali Landry

Due in October with her second baby, actress Ali Landry, shown here at The Lion King 3D premiere with her four-year-old daughter, Estela Ines Monteverde, says she has been enjoying nesting and getting her home ready for the new addition!

 “I am in major nesting mode right now in this pregnancy. I have touched every single corner, every single drawer in my house,” she shares. “It just feels so good to get your house organized and clean, especially with the phase that I’m in now.”

Ali experienced a 'rough first trimester' where she 'packed on the pounds' due to eating mostly carbs to try and combat her morning sickness. But as her pregnancy progressed, she says her nausea improved greatly and so has her diet-

”Now I’m eating extremely healthy — not that I’m even trying to — but I just eat what I crave.”

So what is the expecting mom craving these days?

“I have my very, very healthy cravings like beet, carrot, cucumber and apple juice,” Landry, 38, reveals.
“And then at night, I go for the cookie jar.”

Credit: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin

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