Aug 31, 2011

Mel B : 'I'm Trying to Induce Labor, But It is Not Working!'

Mel B. is ready for her baby to be born this week, but so far no signs that baby is ready -- so the former Spice Girl has been trying some old wives tales said to induce labor.

The Australian X Factor judge spoke with radio station 2Day FM Tuesday, saying-

'I just had my doctor on the phone and he's given me some ultimatums which are good.' She adds, 'It's coming out this week, one way or another it's coming out this week.'

'Ideally I want it to come naturally,' continued Mel B. 'But I've tried everything, I've tried the hot food, the running, the sex, the violence, I've tried it all. It just seems to be stuck and hibernating in there getting bigger and bigger, so it's coming out this week for sure.'

The new addition, when he or she does arrive, will join big sisters, 12-year-old Phoenix Chi with Mel's first husband Jimmy Gulzar, four-year-old Angel Iris, who's father is Hollywood actor, Eddie Murphy, and six-year-old Giselle, who is the daughter of Mel's husband of 4 years, Stephen Belafonte.

As far as baby names, the Dancing With The Stars alum says not knowing the sex of the baby (the couple has decided to keep that as a delivery room surprise!) has made name choosing a bit challenging-

"I've got a list of weird names but because I don't know if it's a boy or a girl I have gone for a unisex name," the Daily Express quoted Mel B as saying.
 "I've already got a 12-year-old called Phoenix and a four-year-old called Angel so you can see what direction I'm going in!" she added.

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