Jul 26, 2011

Kendra Wilkinson, Hank Baskett and Baby Hank Strike a Pose

Kendra Wilkinson and her two Hanks (hubby and son) posed for a 'special' photo shoot last week - but Kendra is keeping the reason for the pictures hush hush:

"Unfortunately I can't tell you yet," Wilkinson teased in her blog, "but I promise I'll fill you all in later."

Baby Hank apparently enjoyed his day in front of the cameras and was not bothered at all by the activity around him-- he was too busy munching on crackers!

"Baby Hank was eating crackers the whole time and had a really fun day turning the lights on and off on set lol."

Unfortunately, the photo shoot was not as fun for Hank Sr., who Kendra says, was 'not feeling well' but adds,  
"He was a trooper though."

Credit: kendrawilkinson/celebuzz

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