Jul 22, 2011

David Beckham Eating Bugs?

No, David Beckham has not taken up eating crickets like the Jolie-Pitt boys do - but he did appear to eat a plate of rather nasty bugs on the popular Disney animated talk show 'Take Two With Phineas and Ferb' recently!

In the skit, Phineas asks David: 'In all of your travels, have you ever eaten anything weird like bugs?' To which David responds: 'No never tried them.' 'If we gave you $10 would you eat one?' asks Phineas. 'For ten dollars I will eat anything' says David, who then proceeds to down the bugs and accepts the ten dollar bill.

David was asked by Phineas what else he could do with his feet beside kicking a football, he answers, 'Nothing springs to mind' as he is seen eating a banana from his shoe.

How much do we think the Beckham boys are going to love their dad for doing this show? (you can watch the video of the show here)

The Beckhams have been enjoying their summer on the beach in Malibu where they have rented the seven-bedroom, ten-bathroom mansion custom-built for Steven Spielberg which reportedly looks out on to what has been called 'the most exclusive piece of sand in the world'.

David and Victoria Beckham welcomed their newest child, daughter Harper Seven, on July 11.

Credit: Disney XD

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