Jun 25, 2011

Bubblicious Fun for Kendra Wilkinson and Son Hank Jr.

It was a bubbly play date for Kendra Wilkinson, son Hank Jr., 1 1/2, and hubby, Hank Baskett. The family enjoyed a Friday afternoon get away to a local L.A. park.

If Hank joins the Minnesota Vikings this fall, we may be seeing less of these cute family pictures; Kendra has stated that if the move happens for her husband, she and little Hank will be staying put right here in L.A.:

"Oh, no, I'm staying in LA. We have a home here. I'll visit," she explains. "We just moved into our brand-new house."
But Kendra admits that being apart from her husband will be hard: “He’s my everything. Being apart, we miss each other.”

Any plans for a second baby from Kendra and Hank? 

Hank Jr. may just get a little brother or sister sooner than later...

Kendra, 25, shares that “The time is coming! Hank and I are on the same page.”

Credit: Splash News Online

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