May 3, 2011

Celebrity Baby Bump Watch: Shayne Lamas Shows Off Baby Bump

Shayne Lamas happily shows off her growing bump to the cameras this past Saturday. Lamas, who is enjoying her first pregnancy, was wearing a gorgeous red gown to help celebrate her father's 5th wedding. The 25-year-old former Bachelor winner posed with hubby Nik Richie in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico before her famous father, Lorenzo Lamas, married wife number 5.

Number 5, btw, is Shawna Craig, 24. Does the fact that her father married a woman a year younger than herself bother Shayne? Nope, not all says the mom- to- be, who told US Weekly Magazine back in February:

"As long as my family is happy, healthy and getting along they will always have my blessing! Congrats Dad!"

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