Apr 8, 2011

Is Tori Spelling Pregnant??

The hidden baby bump--are we seeing one on Tori Spelling these days, or is it our baby bump imaginations just running wild? Speculation that Tori and her husband, Dean, are expecting another baby (#3) is growing as we continue to see Tori in pictures suggesting an emerging baby bump. Take a peek and see what you think:

Ruffles to hide a little baby bump?? Tori and her son, 4 year old Liam, out walking March 28th.

Hmm.. Tori arrives for her Today Show appearance on April 4 in a loose, blousy top. Interesting choice for Tori, don't you think?

The classic big purse covering a baby bump trick?? Tori and Dean leaving the Today Show with pizza in hand and a strategically placed purse over the stomach.

One last picture.....do you see a baby bump? Or is it just bad camera angles at work?

For her part, Tori denies being pregnant. On the Today Show interview filmed April 4, the reality TV star told Meredith Viera that she and hubby Dean McDermott are not pregnant. Yet.

But will we be hearing a pregnancy announcement soon from Tori and Dean? After all, a growing baby bump cannot be hidden forever.

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