Apr 21, 2011

Green Celebrity Moms: Tori Spelling Dishes on Making Your Own Organic Baby Food

Pregnant with her third baby, Tori Spelling has long been passionate about making your own organic baby food. Spelling says she used jarred baby food when her son, Liam, was a baby. And when daughter Stella came along, she says she continued using the store-bought baby food at first.  One day the reality TV star says she brought out her food processor, made her own baby food, and has never opened a jar baby food since.

The mom of Liam, 4 and Stella, 2, and a new baby on the way, Tori says her daughter loved the homemade baby food at the time-

“She’s an eater. Like, she loves her bottle. She would take the [jarred] food and she was fine with it. But once I made my own baby food…I literally gave it to her that first day, it was a spoonful, and her face lit up. She had this huge smile." The pregnant Spelling adds,  “It was so amazing. Ever since then, I’m like, I’m telling you: Make your own baby food. Because it’s such a huge difference for them.”

With baby number 3 on the way, we are guessing that food processor will be getting plenty of use once again!

Happy Earth Day!

Credit: Jean Baptiste Lacroix /WireImage

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